ITLS Advanced Provider Course

The ITLS Advanced Provider Course is for advanced level providers only. Lecture content is the same as the ITLS Basic. Information on advanced level patient care is required reading material and will be included in the written exam.  The advanced airway, intraosseous initiation and access, thoracic needle decompression, and external jugular cannulation skills stations will be included in this course.  When deciding whether to take a basic course or advanced course the provider should consider the following:

  • Do they require an advanced course for licensure with their professional licensing body?
  • Can they use some, or all the skills in clinical practice without supervision?
  • This is not an ATLS course required by some physicians and does not qualify for reciprocity.

The Advanced ITLS Course is suited for the following prehospital practitioners: Advanced Care Paramedic, Registered Nurse, Psychiatric Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner (RN-NP) and Physicians.

There are no prerequisites for an ITLS Advanced Provider Course.

Although certification is provided, course completion does not grant the privilege of licensure to practice. Students are responsible to obtain licensure to practice with the appropriate professional licensing body.

Recertification is required every three years and is typically a one-day course. Providers cannot recertify if their certification has expired. A basic provider cannot recertify at the advanced level to gain that certification. A provider would need to take a new full course at the advanced level to gain the advanced certification.