ITLS Basic Provider Course

The ITLS Basic Provider Course includes classroom instruction, hands-on skills training, and testing for ITLS Basic certification. Innovative skills stations let you practice the abilities appropriate for your level of certification.

With its comprehensive approach to core knowledge and skills, the ITLS Basic Provider Course is appropriate for all levels of practitioners including; First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, Licensed Practical Nurse, Primary Care Paramedic, or Intermediate Care Paramedic.

The ITLS Basic Provider Course curriculum includes:



  • Scene Size-up

  • Trauma Assessment and Management

  • Airway Management

  • Thoracic Trauma

  • Shock

  • Head Trauma

  • Spinal Trauma

  • Abdominal Trauma


  • Extremity Trauma

  • Burns

  • Pediatric Trauma

  • Geriatric Trauma

  • Trauma in Pregnancy

  • The Impaired Patient

  • Trauma Arrest

  • Standard Precautions


Skills Stations:

  • Assessment skills

  • Airway skills

  • Thoracic trauma skills

  • Vascular access skills

  • Spine management skills

  • Extremity trauma skills


There are no prerequisites for an ITLS Basic Provider Course.


Although certification is provided, course completion does not grant the privilege of licensure to practice. Students are responsible to obtain licensure to practice with the appropriate professional licensing body.


To maintain certification, providers must complete a recertification class once every three years. This course is typically a one-day course. Providers cannot recertify if their certification has expired.